Muscle Mass

  1. Muscletech Mass Tech 3180g Chocolate

    Muscletech Mass Tech 3180 grms Chocolate

    Supplies 168g of carbohydrates through a multi-phase carb complex to support the recovery of normal muscle fucntion after highly intensive and/or long-lasting physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle. Beneficial effects are obtained with the consumption of carbohydrates, from all sources, at a total intake of 4 g per kg body weight, at doses, within the first 4 hours and no later than 6 hours, exercise
    Better Quality Calories Designed for the Hardgainer More Protein per Serving Than Other Weight Gainers More BCAAs abd L-Leucine per Serving Than Other Weight Gainers Added Amino Acids for Enhanced Affects Build Strenght Faster Help Replenish Glycogen Stores Formulated with Omega-9 Compunds Get More for Your Money Best-In-Class Taste
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