Energy Bars 3 Mixed Flavours - Pack of 12

Energy Bars 3 Mixed Flavours - Pack of 12 Supplements Direct New pack of 12 mixed Energy Bars!

Try our delicious Pistachio and Cranberries with yoghurt coating, Cashew & Nuts with dark chocolate and Almonds and nuts with dark chocolate.

Packed full of naturally healthy ingredients to refuel your body when energy reserves are low. Can be used between meals or as a pre exercise snack. Commonly used during a race or sporting endurance event.

Supplements Direct Energy bars provide a highly nutritious natural snack. Easily digestible and naturally sourced energy source primarily made from nuts and fruits.

Proven to meet the demands of endurance athletes when the body reserves are low.

Available in 3 delicious flavours ideal to fit in jersey pockets, waist packs or cycle bags.

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    • Mixed pack of 12 delicious bars (3 x 4)

    • Made from naturally healthy ingredients

    • Refuels your body with natural energy based ingredients

    • Packed full of healthy Nuts and Fruit.

    • Easy to fit into the smallest jersey pocket

    • Contents:12 x 35g Bars


    Great before or during exercise or endurance events and as an energy loading snack between meals or on the go during lifes hectic routines.

    Directions for Use: Simply open, eat & enjoy.

    Warning: Contains Nuts

    Do not give to children who you think may suffer from nut allergies.

    May contain Soy, gluten, milk.

  • Ingredients; See individual listings or back of pack.

    Warning: Contains Nuts

  • Mandatory Nutritional Information Based on Cashew Bar

    Serving Size 1x 35 g bar Per 100g 35g %
    Calories 559Kcal 196Kc 10%
    Fat 36g 13g 12%
    Sat Fat 7.9g 2.8g 21%
    Salt 0.03g 0.01g 0%
    Carbohydrate 42g 15g 6%
    Sugars 27g 9.5g 11%
    Protein 14g 4.9g 10%
    Fibre 5.3g 1.9g * Not Established

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