Energy Bars 3 Mixed Flavours - Pack of 12


Supplements Direct New pack of 12 mixed Energy Bars ! Try our delicious Pistachio and Cranberries with yoghurt coating , Cashew & Nuts with dark chocolate and Almonds and nuts with dark chocolate . Packed full of naturally healthy ingredients to refuel your body when energy reseves are low . Can be used between meals or as a pre exercise snack . Commonly used during a race or sporting endurance event .

  • Mixed pack of 12 delicious bars (3 x 4)

  • Made from naturally healthy ingredients

  • Refuels your body with natural energy based ingredients

  • Packed full of healthy Nuts and Fruit.

  • Easy to fit into the smallest jersey pocket

  • Contents: 12 x 35g Bars

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  • Supplements Direct Energy bars provide a highly nutritious natural snack , easily digestible and naturally sourced energy source primarilay made from nuts and fruits . Proven to meet the demands of endurance athletes when the body reserves are low . Avaliable in 3 delicious flavours ideal to fit in jersey pockets , waist packs or cycle bags .

    Great before or during exercise or endurance events and as an energy loading snack between meals or on the go during lifes hectic routines

    Directions for Use

    Simply open, eat & enjoy Warning Contains Nuts Do not give to children who you think may suffer from nut allergies . May contain Soy ,gluten ,milk
  • Ingredients ; See individual listings or back of pack . Warning Contains Nuts
  • Mandatory Nutritional Information Based on Cashew Bar Serving Size 1x 35 g bar Per 100g 35g % Calories 559Kcal 196Kc 10% Fat 36g 13g 12% Sat Fat 7.9g 2.8g 21% Salt 0.03g 0.01g 0% Carbohydrate 42g 15g 6% Sugars 27g 9.5g 11% Protein 14g 4.9g 10% Fibre 5.3g 1.9g * Not Established

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