Diet Pro Plus Protein Formula

Diet Pro Plus New Advanced Weight Loss formula now with added Glucomanan plus CLA for total weight loss management.
Diet Pro Plus Whey protein is an advanced weight loss drink formula.Diet Pro Plus provides a unique formula that is perfect for anyone looking to cut fat and build quality muscle .Glucomannan in the context of an energy restricted diet contributes to weight loss and is currently one of the hottest diet ingredients of this year.A Multi source protein blend with the advanced thermogenic weight loss ingredients green tea, glucomannan and CLA . Diet Pro Plus can be easily taken as a mid morning or a mid afternoon snack providing a susustained release of protein which will keep you feeling full .

  • Thermogenic Weight Loss Ingredients .
  • Lean body definition formula to help promote lean muscle mass .
  • Glucomannan contributes to weight loss, in the context of an energy restricted diet.
  • Easy to take on a daily basis , makes you fill full whilst following a healthy diet programme.
  • Great tasting flavours
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  • The Benefits *Contributes to weight loss, in the context of an energy restricted diet. *New advanced weight loss formula with added CLA. * Plus Green Tea * Supports the development of lean muscle mass and toned physique.

  • Directions Add 250-350ml of water or milk into a shaker (the less liquid the thicker the shake will be). Then add 2 scopes total 60g g, shake and consume. Use 1-2 servings daily, one mid morning and then folllowed by one mid after noon or after exercise .
  • Nutrition per 60g Serving per 100g

    Energy kJ/Kcal 925/219 1543/366

    Fat 4.32g 7.2g of which saturates 1.86g 3.1g

    Carbohydrates 8.4g 14.0g of which sugars 2.34g 3.9g

    Fibre 0 0

    Protein 38.94 g 61.g

    Salt 0.22g 0.37g

    Per 60g Serving CLA 1.2g Glucomannan 1.0g Acetyl L- Carnitine 290mg Green Tea Extract 150mg

    SUITABLE FOR Vegetarians.

    ALLERGENS Milk & Soya (from Soya Lecithin).

    For allergens, please see ingredients in bold. 

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