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  1. Collagen Protein Capsules For Women

    Collagen Protein Capsules For Women

    ''As we Age we Start to Lose Our Supply of Collagen Reserves''
    • Age defying collagen
    • Daily source of protein
    • Easy to take capsule
    • Packed with Amino Acids in every serving
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  2. L-Carnitine 1000mg For Women

    L-Carnitine 1000mg For Women

    Lean Body Amino Acid Formulation For Weight Management
    • 1000mg L-Carnitine
    • Synthesised in the liver
    • High level in tissues that use fatty acids as energy
    • Transports important fatty acids
    • May Support Lean Body definition and Weight Loss
    • May support metabolism and mental function
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  3. Spirulina SuperFood  Powder

    Spirulina SuperFood Powder

    The King of SuperFoods ***Caution This stuff is absoloutly packed full of amino acids 63%protein**
    • Great For Intense endurance training
    • Rich Source of Protein , Minerals & Vitamins.
    • Popular protein source for vegetarians and vegans
    • Contributes to the maintenanace of muscle mass
    • 63% Protein
    • Easy to Mix with smoothies and shakes
    • 100% Pure spirulina powder contains zero additives
    • Great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans
    • Fantastic Price and value for money
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  4. Super Greens 'Naked' Powder Mix

    Super Greens 'Naked' Powder Mix

    The Best Super Green Power Mix on the Market ''In our Opinion ! ''

    • Best tasting super green mix on the market
    • Simply mix with your daily smoothies
    • 24 Nutrient dense packed greens in every scoopfull
    • Each daily amount is more than 5 of your ''5 A DAY''
    • Bursting with healthy Green goodness.
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  5. Professional Whey Protein80

    Professional Whey Protein80

    Professional Muscle Definition and Build
    • Great Tastes Easy to Mix
    • Contributes to the growth and maintanaence of muscle mass
    • Over 80% Protein Content
    • 24.2g Premium Protein Per serving
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  6.  Diet Pro Plus Protein Formula

    Diet Pro Plus Protein Formula

    Diet Pro Plus New Advanced Weight Loss formula now with added Glucomanan plus CLA for total weight loss management.
    • Thermogenic Weight Loss Ingredients .
    • Lean body definition formula to help promote lean muscle mass .
    • Glucomannan contributes to weight loss, in the context of an energy restricted diet.
    • Easy to take on a daily basis , makes you fill full whilst following a healthy diet programme.
    • Great tasting flavours
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