BCAA Amino Tablets Qty 120 1000 mg

BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential amino acids that your body cannot produce so we need to take these via the food we eat or as supplments.

They are extremley vital for any athlete or bodybuilder as they supply your body with key aminos that encourage your body to increase muscle mass and tissue growth.

In addition Valine also aids and encorages in normal growth and repair for various tissues in the body.

BCAA Amino Tablets MEGAPOT 120 Tablets

BCAA are a great for encouraging muscle growth, recovery and endurance during workout and endurance.

BCAA constantly feeds your body with vital aminos which can improve performance and cut down on muscle fatigue post exercise.

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    • Helps to Promote muscular protein synthesis for lean muscle growth.

    • Train Longer and Recover faster.

    • Perfect Amino Muscle fuel to boost recovery.

    • Easy and convenient to take tablets no need to mix powders.


    Take 2 tablets 30 minutes before training or immediately after your workout.

    BCAA Tablets 2:1:1 are suitable for both men and women.

    Not suitable for vegetarians.

    Storage - Store in a cool dry place.

    Keep out of reach of children.

  • Ingredients - Branched Chain Amino Acids 2-1-1, Bulking agent: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Calcium carbonate, (Binding agent) Povidone, Silica.

  • Nutritional Information:

    Ingredient per Tablet Typical Weight % L-Leucine 500mg L-Isoleucine 250mg L-Valine 250mg *NRV = Nutritional Reference Value (per tablet). - = No NRV Established. Free From - Artificial Colours.

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